About Me

This is my website, there are many like it, but this one’s mine.

Is this site NSFW?

Depends on what you mean by NSFW. Everyone has different opinions of what’s okay and not okay to show whom. This is a blog, written by an adult. I will cover topics that come up in my life, odd thoughts I have in the shower, and maybe a picture or two. I’ll flag any explicit imagery of nudity as NSFW. Text will never be flagged. I do not count underwear as explicit nudity.

Now that you have some semblance of what I mean by “NSFW” my answer is:

No, this site is not NSFW unless specifically flagged.

Is this site suitable for children?

Not young children, no. I’m covering mature topics a lot and there’s a risk they don’t understand important details and misinterpreting others and that could lead to issues. Older minors, in their mid to late teens are okay. They’re mature enough to have discovered what bodies do during puberty, and when you’re maturing, it’s important to be able to explore, to read other peoples experiences etc. This is not a “porn blog” in any stretch of the word, but I may delve into sex-ed from time to time. And if you’re a concerned parent who don’t want your teenager being informed about sex, the importance of consent or what a condom is, and instead “abstain until marriage”, you can disrespectfully fuck off and let your teenager stay and learn.

Contact me

hello@linn.lgbt (… mail not actually set up yet :3)